How do i invest with Smart Investments?

To invest with us, you have to signup for an account,  add funds to your account and start investing.

What ways can fund my account?

You can fund your account with us with bitcoin, perfect money or even a bank transfer, if you wish to fund your account via bank deposit, please send us an email to and with details.

After withdraw request how long before i receive the money?

Usually it takes less then 24 hours to deposit to your bitcoin and other crypto account, and it takes at least 72 working hours or work to receive to your bank account is this withdrawal method was used.

Is Smart Investments a HYIP?

To be very honest with you, our program is not like other programs out there and we don't call services HYIP or get rich scheme, because we actually work with group of working people, businesses, serious heavy money crypto traders, real estate developers, property managers, heavily invested companies and many more, we offer them loans short term, long term with no upper limits, we are in the street and we know the people, we vet our clients properly and we hold their assets in return for the loan, if loan is paid as agreed everybody is happy, if they don't we sell the assets we have of them to still settle the investors, so we are at least 90% sure that no one get to lose in our system.

What do i expect when i apply for loan?

Everyone can request a loan from us, within 3 days we will check your submitted documents and if all looks good and you pass the first check that means  your documents and  your establishment checks out, then we send one of our representative to meet you in person, we have contacts including  land district in most places and we are sure to check every details fast as well as get our lawyer to draft  change of ownership agreement for assets you give as collateral for loan requested, size of assets will depend on the amount of loan you are requesting.

 Can i lose money?

No investment is 100% safe, we only try our best to make sure that even if there is a default we will do our best to at least return the investors capital with some profit along with it, but be sure to invest within your limits.

Can i open more than one account?

The answer is NO! and we consider that as fraud, so please do not do that.

Any future plans  for Smart Investment:

Yes, we are looking to become a major crowd funding company, but the problem is that with this we will become limited and won't be able to provide services to people around the world as we will be restricted to certain places and right now we are looking with our lawyer on how to make this work and still be able to offer everyone around the word the same service.

Is it possible to invest through a company?

Yes is is possible, but your company must be based in Europe and you must invest above 1000EUR, and we might require tax documents, this is the requirement from our mother company, investing with us right now we do it on your behalf with our name, so if you bring in your company we will register you differently and you will have your own portal on a different platform but still linked with us.

I have more questions, who do i refer to?

All questions are allowed, just send us am email to 

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