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Our Vision

We believe that great projects deserve to be backed and that this backing should be fair, transparent and equally mutually beneficial to the investor and the borrower. Our team of seasoned professionals which include Bankers, and so much more are there to support our borrowers every step of the way while ensuring that we choose only the best, most secure projects for our investors. (injected humour and the like).

Our People

We all have a real estate professionals, Crypto Currency huge backers and investors, Bankers and many more within, that part of us that can identify a great project and a promising investment opportunity when we see it. This smart investors and partners knows the power of investments and knows a good one when they see it and believe us when we tell you good investment opportunities can be found in every market. But until now, most of us only dare to dream. Without millions in the bank, you simply cannot have the opportunity to invest in anything of this manner beyond your own house or apartment or publc company shares. We set about changing this. We believe that everyone should be allowed to invest as much as they can afford, regardless of where they’re from or how wealthy they already are, which is why we have investments from as little as $10.

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Getting Started

Send us an email at projects@smartinvestment.best submiting details of your project along with a funding application. You’ll need to specify the target amount, your desired interest rate and a few other details related to the project. One of our loan managers will get in touch with you as soon as possible and guide you through the entire process. As a big team of experts, we know that time is of the essence.Once we’ve helped you read through and paint the right image we’ll agree on the key financing terms with you. Now we can funnel our investors money to your project on our investment page and get you funded.Most of the cases we fund the published loan in hours. On rare occasions, the financing round can be open for up to two weeks, as investors invest on their limits and we wait until amount is complete and available. If your project fails to attract sufficient funding, we will inform you on the amount available and what we could try a different approach but the good news is this rarely happens.Once your project has hit the target and you’ve met all our drawdown conditions, we’ll release the funds. You’ll need to make repayments on the principal amount and any interest according to the agreed schedule with us. We take care of the distributions of the repayments to the investors.

Where we invest your money:

We invest your money in lots of places which includes, business loans, Start up's, Real Estate, Crypto Currency in the best way to our advantage. We do our due deligence properly and vet every project and individual before putting our investors money in.

Why Borrow From Us

Smart Investments was founded by professionals in both Property, business, law and accounting who understand the frustrations of dealing with slow financial institutions who often don’t understand the needs of their clients. We want you to spend time focusing on your project, not completing stacks of irrelevant paperwork. You’ll get full support from knowledgeable people who understand your challenges.

Fast Approval

We understand that time matters, so we will reply you quick and advice on your application within a day or two, while our investor funding is often completed in a few hours. We can tailor your repayment schedule to suit your cashflow situation, meaning no additional pressure when you least need it, and you are even free to settle your loan balance early and pay only the interest on the actual loan period.

Investment Plan

Baby Step

100.95% Daily
Per Rebeat $509.7975.0
Total Return $509.7975.0

Investor Starter

103% Weekly
Per Rebeat $520.15.0
Total Return $520.15.0


105.5% Weekly
Per Rebeat $3165.0
Total Return $3165.0


109% Monthly
Per Rebeat $4387.25.0
Total Return $4387.25.0


113% Monthly
Per Rebeat $16950.0
Total Return $16950.0

Safe Year

135% Yearly
Per Rebeat $337506.75.0
Total Return $337506.75.0

Year Plus Bears

165% Yearly
Per Rebeat $4129125.0
Total Return $4129125.0


126% Quarterly
Per Rebeat $6306.3.0
Total Return $6306.3.0

How to Invest

1. Registration

Free registration. To open an account, it's sufficient to enter your e-mail. and phone

2. Investing

Transfer of investment funds in trust to our traders

3. Trading

Trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges and daily accrual of interest

4. Profit

Equal division of final profit between the company and its investors.

10000 Advisors
2300 Loan Processed
500 Locations
10 Customer Support

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Smart Investments adds cryptocurrency funding

Posted On Current News 03 December 2019

Best Smart Investment  adds bitcoin funding and will continue to improve to serve you better.Bank transfers are still allowed, just contact us for account funding details and we will manually follow the steps we give you to credit your account.We are looking forward to serve...

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